John William Bauld​​

Photographer, Musician & Yoga Acharya (M.Y.)

John has found a unique way to combine his love of photography, music, and yoga. Drawn to all three disciplines from an early age, he’s built a successful career, and travels abroad often, pursuing these passions. A typical year takes him on the road covering diverse photography assignments, performing music for audiences, and teaching bhakti yoga philosophy.

His spiritual exploration of the yogic path – as both a student and a teacher – is directly reflected in his work, and he is the co-founder of "Anandafest" which continues his commitment to empowering people through music and yoga.

Anyone browsing through his portfolios will notice how much the work speaks for itself, and many listeners often comment on how relaxed they feel after hearing his music.

Heading 3


Wedding & Family Photography

Corporate Photography




Heading 3


Mahapurna (2018)

Kripalu Seva CD (2016)

JWB (2014)

JWB & Bobbyji